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Challenge 1

Facebook Follow

Follow us on Facebook

Challenge 2

Family Photographers

We challenge you to take some amazing photos with your family and then share them on social media!

Challenge 3

Follow us on Twitter

Simply 'follow' our Twitter accounts for the VG&M and Garstang Museum to find out what is going on throughout the year.

Challenge 4

I-Spy with my Virtual Eye

Play our I-Spy game online and give us your feedback.

Challenge 5

I’m an Architect – Get Me Out Of Here!

Play our online escape room game and give us your feedback.

Challenge 6

My Vintage Victoria Building

Do you have photographs of the Victoria Building from years ago? Do you have any photographs of campus while you were a student and any stories to tell us?

Challenge 7


Join us at events to take videos and photographs of participants

Challenge 8

Precious to Me

Curate your own collection and tell us about why it is precious to you. All you need to do is upload a photograph of your collection at home and write a short description to tell us about why it means a lot to you.

Challenge 9

Spotlight Talks

Research an item from our collection and give a short talk to members of the public.

Challenge 10

Translations Volunteer

Are you fluent in another language? Assist us at the VG&M by translating historical information that is available for all of our visitors from around the world.

Challenge 11

VG&M Photographer

Have you taken photos of our building or at an event?

Challenge 12

Write a review for the Garstang Museum

Help get the Garstang Museum on the map!