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Challenge 1

Garstang Blog Post

Choose object or topic and write a blog post for the Garstang Museum social media.

Challenge 2

Family Photographers

We challenge you to take some amazing photos with your family and then share them on social media!

Challenge 3

Write a review for the VG&M

Visit our museum and gallery spaces and share your experience on TripAdvisor.

Challenge 4

Garstang Object Biographies

Choose your favourite object and write a mini object biography for the Garstang Museum social media.

Challenge 5

VG&M Photographer

Have you taken photos of our building or at an event?

Challenge 6

Saturday VG&M Tour guide

Volunteer on a Saturday and guide our visitors around the VG&M.

Challenge 7

Your Favourite Artwork

Select your favourite artwork from the VG&M, write a brief paragraph on why you chose it and then send it to us via our social media channel

Challenge 8

Facebook Follow

Follow us on Facebook

Challenge 9

Write a review for the Waterhouse Cafe

Leave a review of our gorgeous cafe on TripAdvisor

Challenge 10

Follow us on Twitter

Simply 'follow' our Twitter accounts for the VG&M and Garstang Museum to find out what is going on throughout the year.

Challenge 11

Send Your Stories

Many of our visitors have studied or taken exams in our beautiful building. We would love you to share your stories with us...

Challenge 12

Write a review for the Garstang Museum

Help get the Garstang Museum on the map!