About us

About us

“Working as a volunteer has taught me so many skills I wouldn't have otherwise learned at university in my undergraduate degree”.

“My teaching skills, my application and representation of knowledge have vastly improved with the volunteering opportunities I've had at the VG&M, I hope to continue being part of future events”.

We enjoy volunteering at the V.G. and M.

The staff are so friendly, there's no 'us' and 'them'.

The building itself is a real star attraction

And showing it off gives great satisfaction.

With temporary exhibits and permanent displays, 

The Museum and Gallery please in so many ways.

There are paintings by Audubon, Turner and Freud;

Big drawings by Burne-Jones are hard to avoid.

Sculpture by Frampton, by Murphy and Rice

And some say the display of false teeth is quite nice.

There is no space to mention more, which is a pity,

But we're proud to show visitors our jewel in the city.

(Martin Strauss VG&M Volunteer)


The Victoria Gallery & Museum, together with its sister museum the Garstang Museum of Archaeology are cultural assets of The University of Liverpool, managed by the Libraries, Museums and Galleries department.

The University of Liverpool’s Museums & Galleries are committed to working with volunteers. We recognise that the volunteer programme is an essential part of our service and that as a volunteer you will:

  • Bring fresh enthusiasm and motivation to a variety of roles and projects
  • Contribute to the goals, aims and objectives of our work
  • Complement the skills of paid staff
  • Bring new perspectives into the organisation
  • Help build links with local communities
  • Provide opportunities for staff to develop new skills
  • Enable us to fulfil our corporate and social responsibility.

The University of Liverpool’s Museums & Galleries recognises the commitment, energy and enthusiasm of volunteers and acknowledges that you can play an important role in extending the services we offer.

We aim to provide a supportive, interesting and enjoyable environment for you and our volunteering programme will assist you in developing your personal and professional skills whilst gaining valuable experience in a dynamic heritage environment.

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