Hour or Two

I-Spy with my Virtual Eye

In 2020 we trialled a few different ways of making interactive games online using our collections and one of these games used the 360 tour of the building.
Meet ‘Oriel’, one of the VG&M’s most popular sculptures, as she comes to life to help you explore the Victoria Building, solve clues, spell out a word and complete the game. With our 360 camera you can move around all areas of the gallery discovering artefacts, artworks and architecture. (Exhibitions are from Spring 2021).
We’d like to you to play our I-Spy game and let us know what you think:

  • Was it easy to navigate?
  • Would you like more of these types of games that incorporate our current & past exhibitions using our 360 videos of the building?
  • What was your favourite thing?

Was there anything you didn’t like that we could improve upon?


What's involved?

Play the game and then get in touch with us using the feedback box at the end of the game.

Why get involved?

Help test our games for us so that we know what to make in the future. We require honest feedback from our visitors and our volunteers to help to tailor digital projects going forwards.

How to get involved?

1. Sign up to this challenge - just click the blue accept button below

2. Play our I-Spy game at the top of the following page: VGM Games - Victoria Gallery & Museum - University of Liverpool
Once you get to the end of the game there are a few boxes for you to fill out including one for feedback.

3, Don't forget to mark this challenge as complete once you've sent us the feedback! Your hours will then be logged!

Ideal Skills

  • Customer Service
  • Design & Illustration
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Research

Ideal Interests

  • Computers and Technology
  • Learning and Education

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